Shrink Wrapping

HSPMT offers shrink wrapping. Let us help protect your prized equipment from the elements. Shrink wrapping is the safest and most economical way to protect your asset from the harsh Alaskan wind and weather.

Tarps will not hold up to strong winds and snow.

If you are storing your boat on premises, we guarantee the wrap for one year. We have two different thicknesses to choose from so you can pick what will work best for you. We can also integrate doors so you can access your vessel or equipment throughout the season.

We understand how important protecting your vessel throughout storage season is to you and we look forward to working with you. Please feel free to give us a call for a quote or if you have any other questions.

We shrink wrap more than boats!

Consider shrink wrapping

  • Boats
  • Construction Materials or Equipment
  • ATV’s
  • Items being transported on a barge or landing craft
  • Connexes or containers
  • RV’s and Trailers
  • Heavy equipment such as loader, excavators, forklifts or cranes


(because everything comes in different shapes and sizes these prices can vary)

Prices start at 20$ per liner ft


  • 10 mil wrap additional $2.50 per liner ft
  • Doors
    • Small - $20
    • Med - $30
    • Large - $40
  • Sail-Boat mast typically extra $75
  • Typical Non-Standard Fee $75 – This would be for something that requires extra attention for odd shapes or oversize.