Boat Storage and Haul Outs

Homer Spit Marine Terminal is Homer’s convenient choice for boat haul out and storage.

We store boats up to 45 feet in length in our secure fenced in storage lot. There is 24 hour access via key code, video surveillance, security lighting with 110 power available at the base of the light poles.

We also have a hydraulic lift boat transport truck and trailer that is rated for vessels to to 40,000 pounds and 42 feet in length. In addition to those services, we have heavy equipment on site in order to support boat work, and we receive freight daily.

We have competitive rates… to find out more or to schedule your haul out, please call 226-3180

Download our rates pdf


Monthly Boat Storage

Trailered Vessel Storage:
 $5/foot - registered boat length

Blocked Vessel Storage:
$6 per linear foot.

Bowpicker/Gillnetter Special:
$2200 -up to 10 months includes haul out, stand rental, and DOT permits

Boat Haul Out1


Boat Stand Rental: $150 / $400 for sailboat

You may use your own approved stands, or you can purchase a new set of stands from us at cost.

Storage Lots & Shop Bay Use

Storage Lots:
$155 per month per 1,000 ft

Indoor Storage:
$2.50 per ft
2 - $50 minimum

Shop Bay Rates

Indoor Bay Use:
$300 per day

Outdoor Bay Use:
$185 per day



Non-Aggregate: $8 per ton
$2 per ton

If tonnage is not known, we will
typically estimate with figures below:

$65 - Small: Car/Pickup/Small boat
$90 - Medium:
Medium Equipment
$150 - Large:
40ft Trailer/large equipment
$250 - Extra-large:
Heavy Equipment

Daily Dockage Rates

Daily rate: $4 a linear foot of vessel.

Landing Craft

M/V Kam’uk Landing Craft for Hire

M/V Kam’uk is a 40’ landing craft with 32’x10’ of deck space and a capacity of 10,000 lbs that can be hired for moving various freight in the Kachemak Bay area.

$675 per hour