About Us

Our Values:

Here at Homer Spit Marine Terminal we believe that our customer experience will reflect our team’s experience. To this end we create an environment where we concern ourselves with the care of each other, looking out for the safety, wellbeing and growth of each team member; actively seeking opportunities to make improvements where possible and adhering to standards set by OSHA. We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers in a safe and efficient manner to create a positive experience. We value honesty between each other and with our customers. If there is something that we are unable to achieve within our skill sets, we will say so and find someone who can. We are passionate about innovation and forward thinking in this industry, seeking for new ways and avenues we can utilize our combined experience, our equipment and our property to meet the needs of our customers in a greater capacity. We value the experience of others and our ears are open to insights, observations and critiques that will help us to create a better service and overall a better experience for all.